InPressure HD Test Module

High Parallel Test of TPMS and Pressure Sensors

InPressure HD module for high pin count pressure test up to 16 bar and fully supports high multi-site test of high pin count devices with up to 2,268 signal lines.

It can operate in a standalone mode  or it can be configured with a Cohu InStrip platform for full automation.

The InPressure HD module can handle strip sizes. It supports tests over the –40°C to +125°C temperature range. Contact index time 6 s, strip/carrier exchange time 12 s.

  • Stimuli Module

    • Pressure
    • Tri-temp

  • Applications

    • TPMS and other pressure sensors up to 168 bar absolute pressure
    • Other MEMS applications on request
  • Benefits

    • High-parallel test in composites, i.e. strips, panels, or carriers
    • Scalable, modular architecture: convertible to various sensor applications and package types
    • Support of a large variety of packages incl. tiny and fragile packages
    • Robust handling with minimum number of devices contacts and low jam rates
    • Real-world (physical) sensor stimuli with high accuracy
  • Solutions for

    • For leaded and leadless packages, including tiny and fragile devices
    • Typical carrier size 215 mm x 65 mm
    • Tri-temp test from -40°C to +125°C