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Computing and Network

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Cohu DaTa Center Market

Cohu Advantage

  • Unique T-Core active thermal control (ATC) enables testing of ultra-powerful processors
  • High force handling solutions for large IC packages
  • High volume vision inspection and metrology tools
  • Automated high-parallelism System Level Test (SLT) platform
  • High-pin count, precision interface products
  • Test instrumentation and expertise for Hard Disk Drive ICs


  • 100 G / 400 G data communications and processing network infrastructure
  • ASIC and FPGA solutions
  • Computing (in PCs)
  • Data storage
  • Graphics processors
  • High-end processors

Test Handler Solutions


High Speed Gravity Handler

This well-established test handler provides field proven reliability and performance. Its modular and scalable design and variety of options allow configuration of the MT9928 exactly according to the test needs. Easy-access design and easy-to-change conversion kit parts support fast and easy package style changes. The MT9928 has a large soak capacity and features the entire tri-temp range at outstanding temperature accuracy and stability.

Delta Eclipse XT

Highly Configurable Scalable Pick and Place Handler

Eclipse XT delivers scalable performance for testing a wide range of semiconductors, from analog ICs to high performance mobile processors. The Eclipse XT is a high speed pick-and-place handler designed to test up to 16 Integrated Circuits (ICs) in parallel, at temperatures from -45°C to +155°C*, with throughput up to 13,000 units per hour.

Featuring Cohu’s proprietary T-Core thermal controller and a variety of cooling systems in order to provide precise, multi-site temperature management of power dissipative ICs, optimizing test yield of next generation IC’s. It also enables both IDM and Fabless customers to test high-end processors used in augmented virtual reality and deep-learning applications, giving continuity to Cohu’s leadership in advanced thermal test. Eclipse XT offers flexibility for both OSATs, IDM and Fabless customers with its wide market coverage through field configurability.

*device type dependent

Delta Eclipse XTA

Final Test System Lights Out Factory

The Eclipse XTA combines the essence of the Eclipse XT platform with Industry 4.0 factory automation—the current trend in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. The Eclipse XTA is part of the key customers’ modular structured smart factory, allowing them to be more efficient. The new front-end tray automation and micron accurate designs provide a new level of performance and capabilities to fuel sales and market position. In production, the XTA fleet’s performance is above the goal set by customers. It boasts more than 42,000 mean contact between jams (MCBJ) and runs 3×3 millimeter devices.


System Level Test Burn-in Solution

High volume System-Level Test that is affordable for long test times. Parallelism up to 396 DUTs to achieve a throughput of up to 5,000 UPH. Combine this throughput with a small factory floor footprint to achieve the industry’s lowest cost of system-level test.

Inspection Solutions

Inspection to serve overall machine performance

NV-Core is Cohu’s unique vision technology, enabling Advanced Inspection capabilities across Cohu’s handler portfolio.

NV-Core latest Advance Inspection technologies include innovative solution such as 3D Flex for 3-dimensional topographic inspection, sidewall micro-crack detection, and infrared inspection for sub-surface defect detection.

In addition to device quality inspection, by mastering the “all-in-one” solution, Cohu can offer unique capabilities for handler’s diagnostics and alignments, that enable the highest productivity performance.

Semiconductor ATE Solutions


Flexible, Cost Optimized Test Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

Diamondx test system extends Cohu’s low-cost, high-throughput production test solution platforms to high pin count, higher site count wireless, mobility, SOC, Flat Panel Display drivers, Power Management, and microcontrollers. Designed to meet the cost drivers IC companies face, Diamondx extends Cohu’s leadership in lowering the cost of operations.

Diamondx Instrumentation

A variety of instruments make the Diamondx suitable for testing todays Wireless, Mobility, SOC, Flat Panel Display drivers, Power Management, and Microcontrollers for the Automotive, Mobility, IoT/IoV/Optoelectronics, Data Center, Cloud and AI, Industrial and Medical, and Consumer markets

Test Contactor / Probe Head Solutions

Cost Efficient RF Contactor for FBGA and Wafer-Level Packages

ACE test contactor offers optimal RF performance for fine pitch FBGA, QFN and wafer-level packages for Power Amplifiers, RF switches and mobile communications. Supporting pitches down to 0.4 mm and superior performance for current consumption, gain, standard deviation, and power efficiency.

ACE probe head provides exceptional electrical performance, both DC and RF and is manufactured from HyperCore™ base material, which is a proprietary material of Cohu’s Everett Charles Technologies.

Compatible with all device types, platings, and pitches; and all test applications, including singulated devices, strip test and wafer-scale test. The materials and architecture create a very robust probe with a very working life and best yield. The electrical and mechanical performance, combined with the long probe life, deliver low overall cost of test, which are unprecedented for RF contactors.

Optimal Performance for Large I/O Count Devices and High-End Digital

Atlas offers electrical performance that allows the customer to test to the true performance of the device. Atlas WLCSP test contactors achieve mechanical reliability with a rigid “cruciform” tip applied to Cohu’s QuadTech flat probe technology.  The Atlas offers a short electrical path, with lower capacitance and inductance, that is ideal for functional and AC parametric testing of WLCSP devices that require high system bandwidth and throughput gains in large multisite test applications.

The cruciform tip provides increased tip rigidity with a much greater immunity to breakage. The advantages for the customer include increased run times between contactor cleaning, increased probe life, increased yield, and reduced system down time for contactor maintenance.

Cost-Effective, High-Performance Contactor or Probe Head for High-Volume Production Test

cBoa contactors and probe heads are the solution for contacting high frequency devices for package test or final test at wafer. The robust design and materials of the cBoa probe withstand the rigors of high-volume test by providing longer life and higher yield. The homogenous DUT side plunger provides longer run times between cleaning and increased probe life.

The cBoa features a stainless-steel spring for tri-temp testing and performs in operating temperatures of -55°C to +155°C. With a bandwidth up to 27 GHz, cBoa can be used to test some of the highest frequency devices.

The enhanced compliance window accommodates package stack height tolerances well.

High Performance Kelvin Contact for High Volume Production Test

cPython Kelvin contactors and probeheads provide superior electrical and thermal performance with significant cost savings.  This makes cPython Kelvin ideal for lab and high-volume production test of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits – for applications such as power control, A-D and D-A converters, audio, video, power amplifiers, photonics, optical MEMS and sensors.

cPython Kelvin probes are electrically isolated and mechanically independent force and sense paths for true Kelvin contact for taking accurate measurements, even under high current conditions. These robust probes provide hundreds of thousands of insertions or touchdowns, and a bandwidth up to 26GHz.  cPython Kelvin probes can land on 0.4 mm pitch targets, and their tip spacing is 90 µm to land on small targets. cPython probes are available with homogeneous tips to optimize performance.

Coaxial production solution for testing high end digital applications to 60 Gbps

Designed specifically for maintaining the native impedance of the device-under-test (DUT) through the contactor to the test system, maximizing high frequency power transfer by minimizing signal reflections (Return Loss).

The ICON’s metal body is a Faraday shield/cage, which reduces cross talk (electromagnetic radiation) the primary cause of signal jitter. Along with this, the aluminum body blocks both static and non-static external electric fields (random noise).

Industry preferred high performance, high value, low cost QuadTech contacting solution
Mercury probes and contactors are excellent spring probes for the laboratory though they were designed with the robust qualities needed for high-volume production test. Their unique design ensures excellent plating quality for low, consistent resistance, long life, and high-test yields. Mercury probes are available with minimum pitches of 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.8 mm, to provide the best performance at any device pitch. Mercury probes have bandwidths of up to 22 GHz, and can carry over 3 Amps of current. The Mercury is an excellent choice for any test application.

Proven Cantilever Technology for MCUs and ASICs

MiCon is spring pin footprint compatible supporting advanced temperature requirements as well as advanced power/current requirements. The footprint compatibility allows for easy and cost-efficient conversion from spring pin setups. The fully decoupled load board side of the spring ensure no degradation of the load board pad.

MiCon features a single piece design, which ensures a long lifespan, low and stable contact resistance, high current carrying capability and an extended temperature range. The MiCon allows for testing at full specification values. The extended operating range accommodates device lead trim and form variability such as device alignment accuracy and device lead coplanarity.

Broadband Production Solution for cmWave and mmWave up to 100 GHz

The xWave contactor utilizes patented hybrid contacting technology to optimize RF performance and provide robustness for production testing of the most challenging cmWave and mmWave devices. Inside the xWave contactor are embedded patch antennas and coplanar waveguides for both wireless and wired communication.

In addition to wireless communication xWave contactors minimize the number of transitions between the DUT and tester through the use of co-planar waveguide structures that make direct connection with the DUT, bypass the PCB, and connect to the tester with either coaxial cable or waveguides.