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Accelerometers MEMS Test Module

Test of Singulated Accelerometers

Accelerometers MEMS strip-test module can operate in a standalone mode in an engineering bench setup, MEMS Test Cart is equipped with two independent MEMS test modules (Shakers) for manual loading/unloading.  It can be configured with a Cohu MT9928 tri-temp gravity test handler for automatic loading / unloading.

The module with MT9928 test handler supports tests over the –40°C to +140°C temperature range. It can handle leaded devices 150 mil to 300 mil and leadless devices 3 mm to 11 mm. Index time is 2.2 s for any package.

Cohu Accelerometers MEMS Test Handler
  • Stimuli Module

    • Accelerometer

  • Applications

    • Single axis: x, y, z
    • Dual axis: y(x)
    • Twin axis: 45 degree (xy), 45 degree (xz)
  • Benefits

    • Modularity replace cost-intensive custom designed machinery
    • Standard handler plus MEMS test module
    • Increased reliability, quicker availability, cost-effectiveness, reduced floor space, worldwide support
    • Tri-temp solution
    • Special contacting solutions for MEMS testing
  • Solution for

    • SO and MLF Devices
    • Quad site testing
    • Tri-temp -40°C to +140°C