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Inertial MEMS Test on Gravity or Pick and Place

Test of High-g, Low-g and Gyroscope

The Cohu MEMS stimulus modules can be configured with MT9928 or MT9510 tri-temp test handler for automatic loading and unloading. The standalone usage of the MEMS modules is possible to improve time to market and for low volume manufacturing.

For the high-g applications we can stimulate up to 100g (single) and 20g (dual) in all three axis and 45°. Due to our modular setup a fast and flexible change of the stimulus boxes for the full application coverage is possible.
Only one testsetup is needed to stimulate the devices for low-g acceleroation, gyroscope in all three axis (6DOF) and sinusoidal movement.

All Cohu stimulus modules guarantee high temperature accuracy as well as high precision and velocity stability.

Cohu Accelerometers MEMS Test Handler
  • Enabling Testing

    • Constant velocity in three axis
    • Sinusoidal
    • Earth gravity filed in three axis
    • High-g test in three axis and 45°
  • Applications

    • High-g
    • Low-g
    • Gyroscope
  • Benefits

    • High flexibility
    • High precision and velocity accuracy
    • One test setup (6DOF)
    • Standard handler plus MEMS test module
    • Small footprint
  • Solution for

    • SO and MLF Devices
    • Quad site testing
    • Tri-temp -40°C to +140°C


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