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We develop, produce and distribute highly complex handling equipment for electronic components. Our machines are an important quality assurance tool for our customers, bringing up to temperature, connecting and sorting semiconductor components (so called ICs = Integrated Circuits). Later on in the process, these ICs (also known as microchips) are used in mobile phones, cars and other electronic items. 
Our product portfolio includes Gravity Feed and Test-In-Strip Handler as well as Contactors and MEMS.
The company was founded in 1997 as Rasco GmbH and is now part of the Cohu group. At the beginning of 2016, logo and public appearance were changed to Cohu Germany. The Cohu organization is ranked among the leading global providers of its industry.

Our product portfolio is divided into the following sections:

  • Rasco Gravity Handler, Chouseg


    These handlers use gravity - they generally transport the semiconductor components in a downward direction and thereby bring them to every processing station, one after another: Firstly, the integrated circuits are automatically filed from their transportation medium into the machine. After this, they are individually tempered according to the customer’s wishes (from - 60 °C to +175 °C), their functionality is tested and they are sorted according to the test result and automatically re-packed.    
    What’s extraordinary about this procedure is the speed of the component testing: up to 18,000 pieces per hour or up to 5 pieces per second. 
  • Rasco Test-In-Strip Handler, Cohuseg


    This type of handler transports and tests IC components that are located on a strip. The strips are taken from a loader and brought to the test chamber. 
    After the contacting (up to several hundred components in parallel), the functionality of the ICs can be tested in temperatures ranging from - 45°C to 160°C. After the testing, the good and the bad parts are assigned (BIN coding) and the trips are placed in an unloader. With a throughput of up to 1800 strips per hour, this handler is especially suitable for very high production volumes. 
  • Rasco MEMS, Cohuseg


    “Micro-Electronic-Mechanical-Systems” test units are special applications that allow for a testing of the functionality of particular IC types under special environment conditions. The ICs are sensors that react to pressure, magnetism and optical or acoustic stimulation, such as: 
    - Pressure sensors (release the airbag)
    - Magnetic sensors (compass feature in mobile phones)
    - Optical sensors / Infra-red sensors (medical thermometer)
    - Acoustic sensors (microphone in mobile phones)
  • Contactors Cohuseg


    A contactor is a part of and an accessory to an IC handling system. It represents the mechanical and electric interface between the handler and the tester. The function of a contactor is receiving the ICs to be tested in the precise position from the plunger of the handler. Here, the electric and mechanical contact between the contact areas of the IC and the contact spring elements of the contractor must be guaranteed, even over several 100,000 cycles.  
    The contactor is also used to precisely maintain the determined testing temperature of the component to be tested during the entire contacting process.  
    A high-quality contactor is characterised by a consistent and reproducible electric and mechanical behaviour over an extensive period of time.

We use a range of different technologies in our machines to offer our customers the best possible result: Pneumatic and electric drive technologies that are, of course, state of the art, vision systems, a complex temperature regulation, e.g. by fluid nitrogen, the latest materials, high-resolution sensors, state-of-the-art electronics and our own sequence control systems as well as slef-programmed touchscreens for handling the machines.

At the location Kolbermoor we employ around 180 staff members, trainees and students in the departments Development, Production and Administration.