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Rasco MEMS

Magnetic, Pressure, Optical and Acoustic Sensors

MEMS Modules

  • Acoustic Test Unit (ATU)
  • Pressure Test Unit (PTU)
  • Magnetic Test Unit (MTU)
  • Optical Test Unit (OTU)
  • Pressure Generator


  • Modular concepts for Gravity, Strip, Pick-and-Place and Turret
  • Hand test units for Engineering
  • Tri-Temp capability
  • Single-site testing with tri-Temp capability

Acoustic Test Unit

  • High parallelism x16
  • Common base for all products

Pressure Test Unit

  • High parallelism x16
  • Fast settling time
  • Up to 16 bar (230 psi)

Magnetic Test Unit

  • High parallelism x32
  • Up to 100 mT magnetic flux density
  • Multiple DOF

Optical Test Unit

  • Live and dead bug illumination capability
  • Infrared (temp sensors)

Pressure Generator

  • High pressure stability
  • Automated calibration
  • 16 bar (230 psi) pressure range