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Delta Summit

High Performance Thermal Control Pick and Place Handler

The Delta Summit handler is designed for high power applications that require heat dissipation under test. A proprietary thermal management and control system maximizes thermal response while minimizing Tj rise. With its chamberless, conductive, thermal design, the Summit handler is the industry standard for testing microprocessors, high-speed graphics ICs, and other high-speed, high-power devices.

Scalable Platform

  • Test Site Parallelism: x1 or x2
  • Active Thermal Control (ATC) range -10°C to +125°C ; -45°C to +150°C (optional)
  • Passive Thermal Control (PTC) range -10°C to +110°C; -55°C to +125°C (optional)
  • Hybrid Solution (PTC-HP)
  • Vision Alignment (patented)
  • Package Interface: Liquid dispensing available (patented)
  • 5 automated bins (13" stack) standard; 7 optional

High Productivity

  • BGA, LGA, PGA, MCM, etc.
  • Lidded or Bare Die Packages
  • Package size: 10 mm s up to 55 mm s (larger packages optional)
  • 2D Vision Code reader
  • PGA lead inspection
  • Foreign material device inspection
  • Auto Contactor Cleaning
  • Golden Unit testing

Advanced Thermal Technology

  • Conductive thermal conditioning and control
  • Power Balancing™ for precise junction temperature control (patented)
  • Control Modes: HTF - Heater Temperature Feedback, DTF - Device Temperature Feedback, PF - Power Following (patented)
  • Up to 500 W active power dissipation during test (device, die size, power density, and interface dependent)
  • Accommodates power densities up to 100 W/cm2
  • Characterized temperature control through power sensing
  • Internal device diode temperature monitoring (optional)