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ESX Power

Key Features

  • Kelvin pitch down to 0.5 mm
  • Special Pin plating for pure tin or NiPdAu plated leads
  • Wide package range: SO, QFN, TO
  • For Power application (High current test up to 200 A and high voltage test 6 kV)
  • Optimal temperature performance
  • Wide temperature range (-60°C to +175°C)
  • 4 A continuous current / pin

Product Highlights

  • Long cleaning intervals up to 50,000 cycles for pure tin
    • Optimized x-movements, tip geometry and coatings
  • Lifetime - up to 1 million cycles
    • FEA simulated and laboratory – confirmed
  • High current carrying capacity - minimal resistance between device lead and contact tip to reduce electric heating
    • Excellent spring co-planarity and flatness through proprietary manufacturing process
  • No load board wear
  • For all handler types available: gravity, pick-and-place, turret, test-in-strip
  • Easy to maintain – single pin replacement in less than 5 minutes