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We are proud to provide comprehensive, balanced benefits to support our full-time employees and their dependents. Part-time employee benefits are modified and may vary by location. Programs outside of the U.S. vary depending on local customs and laws, but are as similar to what is offered in the U.S. as possible.
Cigna Principal Reliance VSP

Sharing Success

Delta Design believes in sharing company success with its employees by offering programs to assist employees in achieving their financial goals.

401(k) Plan

Our 401(k) Plan, administered through Principal Financial Group, offers a variety of investments choices. Employees have the choice to contribute a percentage of their pay through salary deferral. Delta Design matches 50% of the first 3% the employee contributes to the plan. Employees can enroll in the plan the first of the month following date of hire.

This change is based on a revision to our policy regarding eligibility for our employer matching program.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Employees can contribute from 1% to 10% of their pay with the Cohu, Inc. ESPP plan. Every six months, the plan allows employees to purchase Cohu, Inc. stock (NASDAQ:COHU) at a 15% discount from a determined fair market value.


Delta Design supports its employees with lifestyle and wellness benefits such as on-site cafe, informational seminars, wellness events, walking programs, on-site flu shots, blood drives, and more.

Healthcare Benefits

Delta Design offers employees a comprehensive healthcare program including medical, dental and vision care plans through Cigna and VSP for employees, spouses (or same-sex domestic partner) and children (up to age 26). The company also offers Long-Term Disability (LTD) and life insurance benefits. Employees may also choose to participate in a Flexible Spending account which offers pre-tax contributions to help with healthcare and dependent care expense.

Time Off and Holidays

Newly hired, full-time salaried employees receive 15 days of vacation, and hourly employees receive 10 days vacation plus sick time accrual. Delta Design also provides 10 company-paid holidays each year.

Employee Assistance and Work/Life Support Program (EAP)

Delta Design is proud to offer its employees a cost-free counseling benefit through Cigna Behavioral Health that covers the employee and anyone in the employee household. Counseling is confidential and offered in convenient locations with multi-lingual counselors. Employees may seek counseling for psychological issues, stress, substance abuse, marital/relationship, grief and loss, financial, and/or legal reasons.

Short Term Disability

Delta Design's Short Term Disability plan, through Reliance Standard, provides replacement income to employees outside the state of California (CA employees are covered through SDI) in the event an employee becomes sick, injured or is unable to work.

Long Term Disability

Our Long Term Disability coverage offers protection for employees that must be out of work for longer periods of time due to injury or illness. The plan, also through Reliance Standard, pays employees 50% of earnings up to $12,000/mo. after the 90th day of disability. A Long Term Disability buy-up plan is available, with an employee-paid premium, that provides 60% of earnings—or 70% if integrated with SDI, Workers' Compensation or Social Security—after 90th day of disability.

Life Insurance

Delta Design offers Reliance Standard group life insurance protection for employees and their dependents. Delta Design provides free basic coverage equal to the individual's annual salary, to a maximum of $200,000. AD&D coverage is also provided by Delta for coverage up to four times the individual's annual salary, to a maximum of $200,000. Additional coverage can be purchased at a low group rate.

Travel Accident Insurance

Delta Design's Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan provides coverage for accidental death while traveling on company business.

Career Development

Continuous learning is vital to the growth and success of our employees. Delta Design offers employees many ways to improve skills and help create a stimulating work environment.

Tuition Reimbursement

Delta Design reimburses costs of tuition, books, registration, and lab fees up to $3,000 per calendar year. Percentage of reimbursement depends upon the letter grade earned at conclusion of course.


Delta Design offers employees company orientations, refresher safety and health programs, web applications training, management and leadership classes, and more, based on business need.

Internal Job Postings

Our continued success depends on finding the best individuals available to fill our open positions. Current employees are given consideration for job openings.

Employee Referral Program

Delta Design offers an employee referral program. Employees who submit/recommend a candidate for open positions will receive a one-time cash bonus if that person is hired.